Do I Have to Do Egoscue Forever?

That’s a question I hear almost daily from our clients. Every time I hear it, I laugh a little bit to myself and think, No…you don’t have to do Egoscue forever. I guess… Continue reading

The Most Twisted of All Occupations

I’m curious…after reading the title of this post, which occupation do you believe I’m talking about? Maybe some of you think I’m talking about doctors. Perhaps some of you had a bad experience… Continue reading

Exercise Changes Everything

Ahh…exercise. Other than flossing, exercise has to be the one thing that we all know we should be doing but just don’t do often enough, right? We all know that we are supposed… Continue reading

The Key to Running Pain Free

The sun is shining, the temperatures are climbing, and marathon season is beginning to ramp up! If you’re a running, there is no doubt that this is your favorite time of year. Actually,… Continue reading

There’s No Such Thing as a Tommy John Epidemic

If you know me at all, then you know that I’m a baseball fan. I grew up playing the game as a kid, continued playing at Yale University, and now have the honor… Continue reading

Egoscue After Surgery

A lot of folks think that Egoscue anti-surgery, but that actually isn’t true. While we talk with clients on a daily basis who are working with us in an attempt to avoid surgery,… Continue reading

Wanting, Wishing & Making

  “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan After reading that quote, I just have to ask: Where are you on that… Continue reading

Action Erases Fear

I talk with clients on a daily basis who are in pain. Some are dealing with chronic issues that have negatively impacted their lives for decades. Others are dealing with acute symptoms that… Continue reading

Paddling Out to Surf

I’ve never surfed, but I’d like to. To me, it’s the perfect combination of athleticism, balance, strength, beauty, control, power, grace and nature. When I watch surfers, I find myself in awe of what they are… Continue reading

When Golf-Specific Exercises Aren’t Enough!

The 2015 PGA Tour season is underway! Tiger is out. Rory is in. And, Rory’s club is in the water. And, you’re working your butt off to get in golf shape. I know… Continue reading