Tara’s Testimonial: Scoliosis & Living Pain Free with Egoscue

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tara Wagner (some of you may know her as The Organic Sister) over the course of the last year. Let me just say that it’s an honor to hear what she has to say in her testimonial. She has blogged about her Egoscue experience in the past, but this video absolutely blew my mind. Tara, you have worked extremely hard and have taken control of your health back into your hands! I’m proud of you. And, I’m incredibly grateful to you for your kind words. You words will inspire people all over the world to believe in their body and believe it can change.



QUESTION: What’s your story? How has Egoscue impacted your life?



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5 Responses

  1. Hello, John:
    I have a friend who has both the same name and condition and I have been encouraging her to try out the Egoscue approach to wellness. Just like Tara, she finds “reasons” not to pursue this course – much to my disappointment and to her regret. I will recommend this videomonial to her with as much enthusiasm as I can generate and just hope for the best. It is all up to her.
    This is also the reason why I continue to recommedn Egoscue to anyone and everyone whom I encounter who has any form of pain, restriction or other physical issues. Pete Egoscue and you are a boon to those who suffer, often in silence, and I offer you my gratitude and best wishes.

    • Thanks for commenting. Regarding your friend, you’re doing exactly what you need to do–you’re telling her that we can help. Whether or not she takes your advise is a different story. I’m a firm believer that out clients come when they’re ready to come. That might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s true. She may just not be ready yet. Thanks for your support and for listening to Pete all those years. Where does your friend live? If there’s not a clinic close by, tell her I’m happy to answer any questions she might have. Tell her not to hesitate calling or emailing me.

      Thanks again,

      • Hello, John:

        I met with my friend, sat her down, started the video and left her to listen and learn on her own. She was quite moved by Tara’s story and compared her own pain and incidents with those mentioned by Tara. She now has your name, web-site and my firm suggestion that she act upon her desire to improve her condition. Hopefully, she will do just that,
        Thanks for your response.

      • Thanks, Bradley! Let her know she can contact me at any time. I’m here to help.

        Thanks again,

  2. Bradley,
    Just wanted to check and see how your friend is doing now. Any update for me and the rest of my readers?


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