“Stop Your Pain” Radio — The Egoscue Perspective

Here is the latest installment of “Stop Your Pain” radio with Rick Mathes. In this episode, Rick describes the Egoscue process and walks you through how to get in touch with what your body is doing right now. Great work, Rick!


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“Stop Your Pain” Radio – Egoscue and Running

If you are a runner, would like to run but can’t because of pain, or have been told not to run because “it’s bad for you,” then this episode of “Stop Your Pain” with Rick Mathes of Egoscue Austin is a MUST-LISTEN! Rick is joined by former collegiate runner and Egoscue Portland Clinic Director, Matt Whitehead. Great job you guys! There is a TON of great info jam-packed into this hour.



QUESTION: What have YOU been told about running?



“Stop Your Pain” Radio–Emotions and Pain

Chronic PainRick Mathes has done it again–another great episode of “Stop Your Pain” radio. This week’s guest was Brian Bradley, VP of Therapy Protocol for The Egoscue Method. Brian has been with Pete Egoscue for over 20 years and shares his knowledge about pain and the emotional connection that is often tied to a physical ailment. The topic of emotions and pain was the subject of Pete’s latest book, Pain Free Living. In addition to Pete’s book, I’ve blogged about it in the past. I think there’s a HUGE connection between circumstances that someone has had to deal with–a bad divorce or the loss of a loved one, for example–and the physical pain they are dealing with. If you’re dealing with chronic pain and have had a negative event in your life recently, I recommend picking up a copy of Pete’s new book and listening to this week’s episode of “Stop Your Pain.”

QUESTION: Do you believe there is a connection between our emotions and pain?

“Stop Your Pain” Radio–Aging Gracefully

Have you found the Fountain of Youth? If not, you need to listen to this episode of “Stop Your Pain.” Rick Mathes had another great radio show this week, and he’s talking about a very relevant topic: aging gracefully. It’s a topic that is hot right now, as everyone seems to be searching for ways to beat the aging clock and look and feel younger. I was just listening to a Tony Robbins video the other day and he asked his audience this question: “How many of you think biography is destiny? That the past equals the future?”

How would you answer that? I fully believe that your current condition doesn’t have to be your health destiny! Don’t let your past define your future. Decide TODAY to change, because when you give your body a chance to heal itself…it will!

On this weeks’ show, Rick is joined by a client of his along with Shawn Taker from our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida clinic, and they all share excellent insight on how you can change your current condition and age gracefully.



QUESTION: What do you believe about your current condition and what your condition will be as you age?



“Stop Your Pain” Radio with John Elder

By now you’ve probably listened to Rick Mathes‘ radio show, “Stop Your Pain.” Yesterday, I had the privilege of being Rick’s guest, and we spent the hour talking about the ill-effects of sitting all day. Whether you are someone who is strapped to a desk all day, a truck driver making the long-haul, or a student in class all day, sitting can be extremely harmful to your health. I have blogged about the dangers of sitting before, and I’m a huge proponent of taking motion breaks every hour to hour-and-a-half.

Listen to Rick’s show for some great tips on how to survive your work day:

QUESTION: What do YOU do to survive your work day?

“Stop Your Pain!” Radio Show–Golf & Tennis

Rick Mathes had the second installment of the “Stop Your Pain!” radio show this week. In this week’s show, he talks about how to get the most out of your favorite sport, specifically golf and tennis. On the golf side of things, he was joined by one of my clients, Jim Gallagher, Jr.to talk golf. Jim just finished his first season on the Champions Tour and had a great season. He completed in over 15 events and told me a few months ago, “There’s NO way I would have been able to play this year without Egoscue.”

Talking tennis, Rick was joined by David Smith from our Egoscue San Francisco clinic. David came as a clinic after experiencing low back pain while playing professional tennis. David shares his personal story and how Egoscue can impact your tennis game.

Great episode, guys! Listen to the full episode by clicking below:


QUESTION: What is your favorite sport, and how has Egoscue impacted your performance?

“Stop Your Pain!” Radio Show

Congrats to my friend and colleague, Rick Mathes of the Egoscue Austin clinic. Yesterday marked the debut of his radio show, “Stop Your Pain!” Rick is a great therapist and has helped thousands of clients throughout his Egoscue career. Coming to the Method after a near-fatal car wreck, Rick knows what it’s like to be a client and has first-hand knowledge of the power of the Method.

Be sure to listen to Rick’s first episode where he is joined by John Cattermole of Egoscue Phoenix. John was a physical therapist for 25 years before joining the Egoscue family and talks about the difference between Egoscue and PT. Great job, Rick and John!

QUESTION: What did you think of Rick’s first show?

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