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“Stop Your Pain” Radio — The Egoscue Perspective

Here is the latest installment of “Stop Your Pain” radio with Rick Mathes. In this episode, Rick describes the Egoscue process and walks you through how to get in touch with what your… Continue reading

“Stop Your Pain” Radio – Egoscue and Running

If you are a runner, would like to run but can’t because of pain, or have been told not to run because “it’s bad for you,” then this episode of “Stop Your Pain” with Rick Mathes of Egoscue Austin… Continue reading

“Stop Your Pain” Radio–Aging Gracefully

Have you found the Fountain of Youth? If not, you need to listen to this episode of “Stop Your Pain.” Rick Mathes had another great radio show this week, and he’s talking about a… Continue reading

“Stop Your Pain” Radio with John Elder

By now you’ve probably listened to Rick Mathes‘ radio show, “Stop Your Pain.” Yesterday, I had the privilege of being Rick’s guest, and we spent the hour talking about the ill-effects of sitting… Continue reading

“Stop Your Pain!” Radio Show

Congrats to my friend and colleague, Rick Mathes of the Egoscue Austin clinic. Yesterday marked the debut of his radio show, “Stop Your Pain!” Rick is a great therapist and has helped thousands of… Continue reading